The Best Vegan Zucchini Fritters and God Bless Lin Manuel Miranda

My last couple of weeks have consisted of me thinking about all the ways I can use the bounty coming out of our garden. I stumbled onto the absolute best zucchini fritters recipe and have made it twice. So, as not to fritter away the time, let’s jump right into this delectable dish.

I pilfered this recipe from lovingitvegan.com. I love visiting the online village of cooks who share recipes. It’s like a village, where you have coffee and talk about food, and what you did with what, and what you wore and what you’ve read lately….

The Best Zucchini Fritters Ingredients

Prep time: 15 min.

Cook time: 12 min

Yield 8

For serving:

  • Dairy-free yogurt
  • Chopped spring onion

The Best Zucchini Fritters Recipe

  1. Grate zucchini, add to the mixing bowl. Sprinkle over the salt and mix in, leave for ten minutes.
  2. Use your hands and squeeze off excess water. Place the zucchini into another bowl, and leave water behind.
  3. Add the flour, nutritional yeast, baking powder, crushed garlic, and chopped spring onions and mix together.
  4. Stir in the melted vegan butter.
  5. Preheat the oven 210 degrees.
  6. Place parchment paper over grill rack on baking tray
  7. Add 1 Tbs. of olive oil to frying pan at medium high
  8. Use ice-cream scoop and scoop ¼ cup for each fritter
  9. With a spatula press down from top and flatten

Let cook for 3 min per side flip once

Transfer to baking tray in oven while you fry the rest

Between batches add a little more olive oil

Serve topped with dairy-free yogurt, and chopped green onions, or not.

(Notes from Alison Andrews author of lovingitvegan)

If your batter is coming together well without the addition of vegan butter, you can add a little less, just a tablespoon. Just be sure you squeeze the $h!T out of the zucchini (that’s me)

I served, on a glorious bed of fresh chard, sauteed with ¼ cup small chunks of white onion and topped for color, steamed beets. Guys, it doesn’t get much better.

Speaking of getting much better. 

Did any of you watch Hamilton on Disney+? If you haven’t, and you have the station, sit down and treat yourself to this super-musical. Once I wrapped my head around the hip-hop rap, I was transfixed as pure unadulterated energy seemed to boom out of the screen. From the very first wild minutes to the heartbreaking end, we didn’t move.

(Alexander Hamilton)

And what a story! 

I had no idea about the scope of his romantic life (I won’t spoil it, but Elizabeth’s and Anjelica’s love songs were heartstopping) Did you know? Hamilton brokered a deal with King George, after delivering England a sound defeat; making them one of our key trading partners. By doing so, it enabled both countries to recoup from the monetary losses of the war, and America began thriving as an independent new country. (Rick and I spent Sunday morning reading about Alexander Hamilton and his wife, who deserves a musical about her long life. She worked until she was ninety-five in the first  orphanage in the Americas. BTW she founded . It was a great read. I encourage you to do the same.)

(Hamilton & Elizabeth)

(Angelica & Hamilton)

With raucous and joyous music 

and that unbelievable thrum of a beat we celebrated along with the cast. And the timing too, couldn’t have been more perfect. The words of one of the first numbers sung,“Talk less, listen more” resonated with me…

(King George III)

When Hamilton opened in NYC,

I fantasized about going. And then when I saw how much the tickets cost, I switched from wanting to go, to being good and pissed off that we couldn’t afford it. I contemplated writing a letter to Lin Manuel Miranda, full of self-righteous indignation about the exorbitant ticket prices, but like a lot of those kinds of letters, it didn’t get written, but I complained to anyone who would listen….When it was announced it was going to be streamed on TV, I cheered, Mr. Miranda, the producers and Disney+. Later, as I enjoyed every second of this production, I was reminded of the value of live theater. Huge! But, seeing it streamed on TV, and making it accessible to the masses, freaking brilliant!

(George Washington)

It was a perfect end to an unusually quiet 4th.

Though we did get into a rousing game of Monopoly Frozen with our two grandkids, not a firecracker was heard. Rick’s unused water balloon and ingenious water balloon filler are still sitting on the counter. I keep thinking about all the payback we’ll get from unsuspecting neighbors who we are planning on bombarding. I overheard Jon Easterbrook (the mandarin grower, I wrote about in a previous blog; Warm Grains are the Shit Literally and Figuratively), talking about building a catapult with Rick the other day…It’s great to be alive..

  1. Clio, you’ve OUTDONE yourself on this one.
    And…. working through a heatwave 🥵.
    Zucchini fritters look ( I can smell them too)
    As I always tell you…. I’ll be right over❗️
    PS. Beware of water 💦 balloons 🎈
    Karen and Jon

  2. The fritters sound AMAZING…I know what I’m going to eat this week. Like you, I was sort of stunned to realize that on some level this entire story was actually more about beautiful Eliza then it was about Alexander. I guess they called it just Hamilton for a reason.

  3. Ah now I know where Gwen got that amazing recipe we enjoyed yesterday! She got a sneak peek 😊. If you ever want to try it with pattypan squash, I’ve got about 10 lbs in the fridge and she’s got 100 lbs in her garden 😉!

  4. Our thinking are so much alike on every topic including seeing Hamilton—that was our way of celebrating the 4th.
    I just wanted to let you know that Toni does some yoga online that is not part of the CACFit that is usually yoga or balance and fit exercises on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8;30 usually $5 in case you are interested. Her information is on tonikuhn.com. There are some of the women from her Southern California area.

    1. Thank you Sherrill! Yes, Hamilton was a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th. I was especially
      moved by the actor who played George Washington, great energy! Take care and try the fritters 🙂

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