Yam Filled Tacos- Holy Cow! It’s Okay to Evolve.

My dear friend Laura, who happens to be a helluva cook, sent me a new recipe yesterday for Yam Filled Tacos. Almost weekly, I’ll open my email to a vegan recipe Laura has found. Rick will attest to how wonderful and interesting those dinners are. Meals have become an adventure. Actually, it’s been a blast, and fun. We need fun however we can get it, more on that later.

I was intrigued with Laura’s new version of tacos, which is one of our go to staples, so I took a leap, and tried it on Rick last night. He ate four and then two more for lunch today. I recommend you do too..

Tacos Evolved Ingredients

Serves 4 Prep time 30 minutes

Oven Temp 400

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Photo Jun 08, 7 01 09 PM

Tacos Evolved Recipe

  1. Scrub and quarter, then slice yams
  2. Cover baking sheet with the olive oil
  3. Rub yams on baking sheet and coat both sides
  4. Slice onion, sprinkle those over the yams
  5. Peel and chunk up the fresh beets, spread on top
  6. Sprinkle garlic salt, thyme and oregano over all
  7. Salt & Pepper
  8. Roast in hot oven until browned well, use spatula and flip the veggies after 15 minutes
  9. Heat cast iron skillet with oil, when you sprinkle a tiny bit of water and it sizzles, add tortillas until brown, flipping once, then pat with a paper towel.
  10. Drain a little of the liquid from can of black beans, heat on medium on saucepan, stir in a little cumin
  11. Clean lettuce for the taco’s, I add the cilantro to the lettuce.

When everything is ready, smear a couple of spoonfuls of beans on tortillas, place a couple wedges of yams on top of beans, spoon over the rest of the vegetables, cover with lettuce/cilantro/ and a couple jalapeno’s.

I served it with a beautiful bowl of peeled and sliced oranges, drizzled with honey and cinnamon topped with minced fresh mint. Thank you Laura, as you can see I tweaked the recipe a bit, but keep em’ comin’.

When it comes to food, we are a passionately opinionated tribe. 

The last time we had a cousin reunion, a big fight ensued when I said, “Grandma made her own corn tortillas.” Apparently, according to everyone who was yelling at me, she didn’t. They all said, they could just see her patting out homemade ‘flour’ tortillas. Even though, I argued, in reviewing images of her in my mind at the stove cooking; I never actually witnessed her working the Masa Harina over her black cast iron skillet. My Mom confirmed over the phone, “Mama only made flour tortillas”. “Well how come we only ate corn?” I asked, “Because, I didn’t like the flour.” She answered. “Oh, so you started our tradition of corn only tortillas.” I said.

I’ll never forget at a pot-luck 

Salivating over a huge bowl of potato salad, and giving myself a liberal helping, only to choke when I realized the mayo wasn’t mayo, but Miracle Whip. For some crazy reason, I’m appalled when I see Catsup and not Ketchup. I have felt judged by a close family member, who shall remain nameless, but initials are KH, for my not liking French Roast Coffee and not having any in the house. (FYI, there is some Peet’s in the freezer for you, the next time you visit.)

It’s fun arguing about recipes, especially ones passed down through generations. And risky to try and change an old tried and true family favorite into something new and different. That’s been the challenge of creating good vegan-ish dishes out of ones we lived with forever.

Rick just walked by, 

I asked him what recipes would he not want me to ever change?  Immediately he started with potato salad, “Don’t mess with that.” He said. Then on and on, “macaroni salad, in fact all salads. Carrot cake, don’t screw with your carrot cake or cheesecake, and try to add a new spice or anything” I was stunned. As I write this, he’s still standing here, and talking soups and just saying something about my beans… I had no idea he felt the way he did…

How about the last 3 months, or for that matter, the last 389 years? 

Instead of celebrating spring we lived in the very real, and tangible fear of the Covid-19 virus; afraid we might get it or might spread it to others. So, we hunkered down and glued ourselves to our sources for the latest news. Looking at it now, how weird was it, to read every morning the death count?

Followed by the unreal, horrific murder of yet, another black man, played out on our screens. The last two weeks protests, that hopefully will inspire a sea-change in the country’s long history of racism and prejudice.

Evolve! For God’s sake, it’s 2020

And then there was our own devastating news 

Rick’s last MRI revealed there were lesions on the tumor in his prostate. Of course, I immediately hit the books, and looked up, what exactly is a lesion? A lesion is abnormal tissue or cells, which can indicate a more aggressive type of cancer. (if you are joining us for the first time go back and read my first blog,About Me and My Vegan Food Blog.) I talk about Rick’s diagnoses of slow growing prostate cancer; the treatment is active surveillance; blood test every three months and biopsies every year.

We’ve been on this journey for 14 months, and in a way, so have you.

Fourteen-months of eating an almost-vegan diet after reading the Harvard Life Style Study for Prostate Cancer, where data supported a plant based diet. Except for the occasional wonderful fish dinner, we adhere to the dairy-free, meat-free and no eggs meals. And Rick being Rick, completely swore off sugar.

Last week Rick had another biopsy, and sure enough, the lesions were the more aggressive type of prostate cancer. His diagnosis now is Stage 2. As you can well imagine, we were stunned. But after talking to his doctor, who reassured us with the fact he’s been so closely monitored through the year, and is so healthy because of the diet, “we’re going to get this taken care of.”

Now we are faced with making a decision, does Rick have his prostate removed, or pursue External Beam Radiation? The other day, the radiologist literally mapped his prostate and made a 3-D image of the tumor. If it was anyone else but Rick, it would be fascinating.

What a time to be alive..

  1. Good morning Clio & Rick! I am just now becoming acquainted with your blog. I LOVE it! Hopefully, I am signing up. I am kinda a tech disaster, but please don’t give up on me.

    Wishing you both much success on your cancer journey. Having been a 2 time cancer survivor, I truly believe attitude & prayer are extremely powerful! Please know you are definitely in my prayers.
    Love you guys,

    1. Candy! it’s so great to hear you! Thank you for your encouraging words. We were just talking about ‘attitude’ this morning, and choosing positivity over negativity, it’s the key to being truly healthy..love ya
      Welcome to the Blog 🙂

  2. Rick and Cleo….Bob and I wanted you to know that our hearts are heavy with the news of Rick’s recent diagnosis. Our thoughts and prayers are with you through this journey.
    Love to Both❗️❤️ Bob & June

    Cleo…Love your Blog and will definitely follow it in the
    Future. Can hardly wait to try those yummy

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